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From Movie“Unthinkable”to analyze today's Global Security issues

Have you watched movie “Unthinkable”? It is a good movie to make human minds stop and think:
What are the seeds of the roots of global unrest and conflicts; what human race can do to prevent this kind of cancer cell in the global system; what actions the leaders should take at time of crises.

Job Interview Hints and Tips

Recently, I was asked about the Interview Hints and Tips. I did research on those high performance corporations. Following are the findings that indeed helpful, not just limit to those job seekers but to anyone who wish to establish a great reputation in today's business world. The tips are:

Interview Hints and Tips

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, So here are some tips to help you present yourself in the best way you can.

At an information session or networking event -

The Amazing Ministry of An Air Force Chaplain - A book is in writing...

On my flight from US back to Vancouver on Aug 11, 2009, an old couple boarded on the flight and sat beside me. To my amazement, the gentleman already in his mid 80's but he told me that he and his wife Betty still were regular flight travelers. Then the chat box was opened. He started to tell me what he did in his life ... even how he chose his wife. It turned out that he was a retired Air Force Chaplain, Chaplain Hawyward.

“The Road Less Traveled.”- A poem by Robert Frost

Notion: This poem vivid described the real moments that each of us often encounter in the time of making important choices in lives and careers. Often, if we know where we wish to be, it helps to figure out how to get there faster. Lily

- The Road Less Traveled -

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

12 tips that will enhance your public speaking

12 tips that will enhance your public speaking:

1. Strong posture.
2. Good eye contact.
3. Paced breathing.
4. Ice breakers.
5. Speaking from the heart.
6. Enrolling and engaging your audience.
7. Effective Q&A.
9. Controlling the energy of the room.
10. Time management.
11. Visiting each and every audience member.
12. Avoid WIMP words* at all time

What are WIMP words?
Such as:
I Hope...( Rather, try to use: I know...)
If... (Rather, try to use: When...)
Problem (Rather, try to use: challenge)
Why (Rather, try to use: how )

Form A Team of Speech-Acting-Rehearsal In Action!

To be able to communicate clearly and reach a successful result, what to say and how to say it can make or break the deal, make you popular or unpopular, a strong icon or A victim of someone's conscious or unconscious arrogance.

What to say reflects your inner color - positive? Knowledgeable? Mature? Kind? All came from your inner roots. To hang out with successful and positive people or group, get inspired itself can help your inner roots start to grow faster.

Five investing strategies - got my attention from

Five investing strategies
- Selected info applies USA market. Should any viewers have good leads on similar topic about markets in Canada and China, please drop me the links of leads.

Mar14, 2010

Put these five investing strategies to work within the first few weeks of the New Year for a payoff that will keep on giving for months and years to come…

Investing Strategy #1 - Write Yourself an Instant Tax Rebate

Mar 11 2010_The Millionaire Mind Evening Was Well Spent

The Millionaire Mind Evening Was Well Spent - Some Gold nuggets Free to share

Your Formula of thinking - it is called money blue print at this seminar.
T - F - A => R
"Thinking" leads to
"Feeling" leads to
"Action" leads to

The concept of the cause of reality and the cause of future are same: cause leads to a result = the health of the roots will result the health of the plant. True? So True!

Result = fruit(s) sweet? rich? bitter ...

Importance of Team / Network

Have you ever noticed that you are happier when you are among or with friends that affirm that you "Can Do" with a real push to your success?

Have you ever discovered more about what you can do when you attend network events?

Over the years I am not only noticed the importance of above effects but also decide to better utilize it by:

1. Encourage others to be aware of this and become this kind of quality friend, incl. myself.
2. Attend chosen events with an open mind to learn and discover more about the outside world and about ME.

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