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CNBC_COMMENTS ON BOOK "Think Your Boss Is a Psychopath.."


LILYHARVEY_FOR_EDUCATION | Oct 11, 2011 04:36 PM  ET   - here is revised version.

Canadian Tax ABC

In the following link, there are series of videos, personal finance expert Alexandra Macqueen, CFP, explains the basics of our Canadian tax system. Check back for more videos everyday and if you need any other tax questions answered, leave a comment and they say they would try to answer it. So enjoy the videos and take actions to get your house in order! - Lily

5 Email Habits That Send the Wrong Message

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5 Email Habits That Send the Wrong Message:

Abusive Subject Line Behavior
Intention: By typing the word "URGENT," "ACTION ITEM" or "READ ME" in the subject line, she is hoping to stress the actionable items of her email. Her message is clear. Perception: Her subject line implies that she presumes her message is more important than any other correspondence you might have received. The perception is that she is over-confident and thinks very little of your time.

Put Warren Buffett's Secrets To Work For You

Put Warren Buffett's Secrets/Wisdoms To Work For You
- Selected from my reading. Lily 丽丽

Warren Buffett, he is the third richest man in the world, and undoubtedly the most famous investor alive. He's delivered an average 20% annual return on his Berkshire Hathaway shares since he sold the very first issue, in the 1950's. That's quite a remarkable record, but he believes that anyone can see the same returns if they keep a few key things in mind. If you'd like to put away your money and see it grow the way Buffett's shareholders have, heed his 10 rules for investing success.

Ten Green Ways to Experience Vancouver

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1. Rent a bike or a pair of rollerblades and self-propel your way around Vancouver's Stanley Park seawall, marveling at Vancouver's green, urban, ocean-wrapped sanctuary.

2. Get a view of the city from the water by kayaking your way through the waters of False Creek. If you're lucky, you'll spot some of the seals, otters, eagles and fish that make this urban waterway their home.

Sunny Spring is here - Celebrate Vancouver's 125th Birthday!

Info source: tourism Vancouver

Birthday Live: Vancouver's 125th Birthday Celebration
When / Where: April 6, 2:00 pm - 9:30 pm, Jack Poole Plaza

IBM Offering Advice Free of Charge - What governments and businesses and people learn from this?

IBM is applying the most powerful marketing key word "FREE" globally.
Read following today's article at Wall Street Journal, to think what you can do to grow win-win results in life, business, to transform our world to a more productive, safer and better place to live in the years to come.


Article:Offering Advice Free of Charge


Bank of Canada Interest Rate May rise? Read on... Contributed by Olivia Yu, Financial Advisor Edward Jones

Olivia warns:Be Prepared If Interest Rates Rise in Canada!
She highlights:"What you are seeking is seeking you!"

Read on ...

Let “Practice makes perfect” to Empower You, Not to Defeat You!

Review some of my personal development seminar notes, I was re-enlightened by what Mr. Harv Eker’s view of one of his Power Principle: Practice whatever you want to be in the future NOW.

The notion is to use “Practice makes perfect” in a way to empower your life and career – become healthy, wealthy and able to create abundance; And DO NOT let negative subconscious to make you practice on unhealthy habits that will drag you into undesired reality – depressed, broken health and broken relationship, worse to harm others, on and on.

How to do that?

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