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Lily Harvey For Vancouver School Board platform Full Version vs. Shaw TV 2 minutes short version.

Ladies and Gentleman, my dear Voters of the City of Vancouver,

Here is my speech in English, later I will speak in Mandarin.

I am Lily Harvey, a previous two terms Board Member of the False Creek Community Centre from 2005 -2008. I arrived in Canada from China in 1995, since then I have operated a successful business, earned an MBA, became a Canadian citizen. I am proud of my long history of community volunteering, including being a part of the False Creek Community Centre and the community grassroots leadership in the Winter Olympic readiness efforts in 2008.

Rules for success from Steve Job, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

In the time of elctions, citizens are seeking leadership that will improve lives and economy.  How can we find the greatest ones among many claims of the best? I would like to share with you some of the leaders that I often look up to. This helps me to self-check and also enable me to see who are the true leaders and heroes in our day to day life and in our communities. Here are some video links from

Civic Election - come and meet your candidates. Finding more...

Come and meet me at: Upcoming Meet The Candidates Events:

Election - My Pledge - The Poem of The Power of Individual Citizens!

I AM Ready For The Civic Election for VSB Trustee

Inspiration_Books that will fire you up


Civic Election_Lily Call-on Volunteers: Great Opportunity to learn Project Management skills in this 30 days election campaign!

Volunteers: Great Opportunity to learn Project Management skills in the election campaign!

Option 1: Commit 4 hrs on Nov 19 - work at voting stations   

Option 2: Commit 35 hrs from now to Nov 19 - After 1pm      

Option 3: Commit 35+4 hrs from now to Nov19 - Afer 1pm

Rewards & Certificate - call for details: 778.371.1616.         

VIP Meet Ups on Sats. 2pm RSVP! 

Civic Election Nov.19th_Vote Lily For Vancouver School Board

Candidate Statement



CNBC_ Comments on public demand  leaders to  "Run Government as a Business"

What do we hear from this? I hear that current world is suffering from the facto that many decisions were made by leaders were not field experts nor have the time to get right experts assistance because all things happen too quick, too much pressure, too much uncertainty, too weak of team efforts,  and too little wisdom.

CNBC_Response to Market Fears


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