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Today's news: From Lily Harvey to Voters_Contents to CKNW980 & Global Chinese Press

Good Morning, Voters!

I am Lily Harvey, an independent candidate for Vancouver School Board Trustee. I am passionate about education and its powerful role in the creations of all prosperity. 

Think one person can't make a difference? You can!!! Read on .....

Last Thursday I met Chris while campaigning on Maple street. I told him that I wanted to meet as many voters as possible in person.  He suggested I should go to Augustine Church to meet voters. I took his advice. 
Chris took his wife and three kids to that church on Sunday because of our meeting, and told me that because of his actions, over 2 dozen people voted for me; many of them originally didn't plan to vote.

Lily Harvey's Platform for a New VSB

My Platform For A New Vancouver School Board:
• using a Project Management approach and thinking outside the box to find solutions 
• directing V.S.B. leadership to speed up problem solving
• better planning and resource usage
• inclusive, open, transparent decision making                          more

Why You Should Vote For Me

Why You Should Vote For Me:

1. I believe in the importance of education, and encourage you tell me your concerns

2. I will use my project management skills to seek solutions for problems like:

    - education funding cuts, the declining number of expert teachers, earthquake readiness

    - bullying on the playground

What voters say about Lily Harvey For VSB Trustee

I am enjoying the campaign, connecting with voters. here's what X. Long told me by email:

i heard you speak during the town hall meeting last night
you seem like a good person with good ideas, positive!

I've heard so many positive comments from voters!  their feedback has really warmed my heart on these cold rainy nights. many people are passionate about their desire for a new V.S.B.


Opportunity to Contribute:for Anyone who wants to show extra support. Rewards are Significant!

Lily encourages you to-You must click on following "Read more"

"Listen Live to CBC One" Candidate Corner_My short statement

I am Lily Harvey, I came to Canada from China in 1995. In China, I was an engineer; currently I'm a business consultant and project management professional.

“As your  future Trustee on the Vancouver School Board;

I stand for

1. transparency and accountability

2. an inclusive voice and parent empowerment

3. better collaboration among teachers, families, communities and governments

4. a safe and respectful learning environment FREE from bullying

About leadership and what I will do as your future Vancouver School Board Trustee



My campaign experiences so far have been very positive.  90% of the people I've met  and listened to are voters hungry for improvement to Canadian education. They LOVE my pledge IEEE - Inspire! Encourage! Empower! Enable!

I hope that the other 10% will become voters after thinking about our conversations.  Because I feel they do care and they do believe in the individual's power to make a difference in their community, and society at large.

My response to "Call to support Living Wage Policy" from BC Child & Youth Advocacy Coalition


Dear fellow community leaders,

I have looked at your websites and livingwagefor

Congratulate you both have taken action to share your concerns and ideas with other Canadians!

Bloomberg.com_comments: Example of desirable Leadership in today's world with Quality of Calm, Constructiveness..

Topic: Federal Reserve Chairmen Bernanke is an example of desirable Leadership in today's world with Quality of Calm, Constructiveness, Public interest oriented, Confidence with knowledge and Skills to Lead
The spoken and unspoken messages I perceived from Mr. Bernanke's speech today are:
1. Fed. Reserve is capable in all perspective - monetary policies, willingness to do whatever takes to help the economy, open minded to all suggestions but public's interest will be always paramount consideration.

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