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The Amazing Ministry of An Air Force Chaplain - A book is in writing...

On my flight from US back to Vancouver on Aug 11, 2009, an old couple boarded on the flight and sat beside me. To my amazement, the gentleman already in his mid 80's but he told me that he and his wife Betty still were regular flight travelers. Then the chat box was opened. He started to tell me what he did in his life ... even how he chose his wife. It turned out that he was a retired Air Force Chaplain, Chaplain Hawyward.

I fascinated by his stories and more was for his passion to help young people. So I suggested: "Why don't you write a book of all your interesting stories of helping others?" He asked: "Do you really think that at my age, I could write a book like this?" My response was: "Why not? Your stories can inspire others, also it would be fun for you."
He became quiet and I guessed that he would think about this possibility of writing a book.

After about two weeks, to my surprise, I received a letter from Chaplain Hawyward. A letter thanked for my encouragement, and attached his famous speech " Three Great Choices in Life" , plus 7-pages of his new book "

The sub title of the book is:

I enjoyed read the 7 pages. The message from every story was so clear about the truth1:when a strong faith & desire adds action, there would be no place for impossibles; truth2: the joy, confidence, fulfillment and personal development from helping others are beyond the word of "success".

So enjoy the reading this 7-page starters in the .pdf file and be inspired! You too, can create your amazing lives.
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Steps to access the 7-page articles from
“The Amazing Ministry of An Air Force Chaplain”:

1. Click on following link

2. Click on any of the 7 pages. Just keep in mind that the reading order is from page 1 to page 7.

3. Enlarge the page by further click on the object, click on top left “ALL SIZE”, then at the top left corner look for the link “ Download the Large Size” click on it. See a pop up, click on the first choice called “Open with browse”

4. If you still wish to enlarge more, just look at the bottom of this page, click on a magnify symbol.

Sounds a few steps, really, it takes seconds. Once you go through, you know you are on the way to become a savvy of utilizing online Free applications. You CAN DO IT ! (smile...)

Steps to access the 2-page “THREE GREAT CHOICES IN LIFE” articles:

Repeat same steps to access the 2page of THREE GREAT CHOICES IN LIFE, by following link:

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