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Life wisdom Tips for New Year 2012

Before we officially enter the year of dragon, I received an email which I enjoyed  and noticed there's some mighty fine advice in these words, so I copy and share here with you, incl. some my tips. Please read with attention.  Then if you do like them, then feel free and be advised to send this blog link to whom that you want to share.

Here are some life wisdom ( quite a lot we use in growing business and branding our reputations):

ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully

Canadian Tax ABC

In the following link, there are series of videos, personal finance expert Alexandra Macqueen, CFP, explains the basics of our Canadian tax system. Check back for more videos everyday and if you need any other tax questions answered, leave a comment and they say they would try to answer it. So enjoy the videos and take actions to get your house in order! - Lily

Put Warren Buffett's Secrets To Work For You

Put Warren Buffett's Secrets/Wisdoms To Work For You
- Selected from my reading. Lily 丽丽

Warren Buffett, he is the third richest man in the world, and undoubtedly the most famous investor alive. He's delivered an average 20% annual return on his Berkshire Hathaway shares since he sold the very first issue, in the 1950's. That's quite a remarkable record, but he believes that anyone can see the same returns if they keep a few key things in mind. If you'd like to put away your money and see it grow the way Buffett's shareholders have, heed his 10 rules for investing success.

12 tips that will enhance your public speaking

12 tips that will enhance your public speaking:

1. Strong posture.
2. Good eye contact.
3. Paced breathing.
4. Ice breakers.
5. Speaking from the heart.
6. Enrolling and engaging your audience.
7. Effective Q&A.
9. Controlling the energy of the room.
10. Time management.
11. Visiting each and every audience member.
12. Avoid WIMP words* at all time

What are WIMP words?
Such as:
I Hope...( Rather, try to use: I know...)
If... (Rather, try to use: When...)
Problem (Rather, try to use: challenge)
Why (Rather, try to use: how )

Fengsui your office

Fengsui your office Tips:

1. Clean off all clutter
2. Feel the environment if it makes you comfortable or not
3. Considering the convenience of accessing what you need for work
4. Display your biz licence and awards certificate neatly at most noticeable side of the wall

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