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Lily Harvey

A Journey from the very start - Photo collections

A Journey from 1994 to 2007:

A Journey from 1994 to Current:

A Jouney from 2007-2008: Two significant public events during the Federal Election Race

Open China Market for Canadian Wines

Days Campaign For Hon. Stockwell Day MP

1999-2000 Campaign For Hon. Stockwell Day MP
Hon. Day MP was dazzling the people with his extroordinary service as Finance Minister of AB, his grassroots approch with community people, his leadership in bring two parties together. Then it was and still is a Puzzle to many, as the leader of the Alliance, what the heck happened that suddenly Stephen Harper took place Day's leadership and became the Prime Minister...Hopefuly will see some memoir to uncover this mysterious change that ruled Canada for 10 years.


Hello and Blessings to my readers! The world abundance of knowledge, wisdom, success are accessable! All is in your power of reach out: Seek and you will find... May you find many useful info from Dove Global website.
About Lily Harvey -Founder of Dove Global & many projects over the years

About leadership and what I will do as your future Vancouver School Board Trustee



My campaign experiences so far have been very positive.  90% of the people I've met  and listened to are voters hungry for improvement to Canadian education. They LOVE my pledge IEEE - Inspire! Encourage! Empower! Enable!

I hope that the other 10% will become voters after thinking about our conversations.  Because I feel they do care and they do believe in the individual's power to make a difference in their community, and society at large.

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