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Hello December with Word of Wisdom from Dalai Lama on Peace & Life

Source:  Many great wisdom ideas among following selected view of Dalai Lama.  - Lily
Compassion and the Individual
What is the purpose of life? 

Evil for Evil NOT

 My thoughts and healing prayers tonight:

A video of Justin's Campaign - Inspiring and carries the light of where Canada is heading to

Dear Readers and Dear New Prime Minister, and the Team,
Inspiration is the light that will lead us triumph over the confusion, darkness, fear and pressure from time to time. Therefore, I post this two videos which carry infinete positive eneegy, faith and love to mankind to stand here, anytime, should you need to hold that light to re-charge, visit it again:

The New Perspective Of National and International Security The Canadian Way Is Going To Save Lives and Build UP Lives!

Dear Readers,
Today I touched by this video! A great interview that was done before the election to an immigrant candidate Lt Col Harjitt Sajjan, now the Minister of Defense of Canada. This video was reposted and forwarded by a group of leaders in our community upon this celebration of the new beginning of Canada.

Nov 5 2015 The New Prime Minister First Day In The Office - Precious Moments from CBC


CBC's Peter Mansbridge shares unprecedented access as the new prime minister takes office!

So timely enjoy reading and watching this wonderful historical capture footage and documentations on The Right Hon. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Truseau's first day in his office on the Paliment Hill in Ottawa! Lily Comments The Queen, David Cameron Greet Chinese President Xi and Madame Xi

Comments on this Historical Event: The Queen, David Cameron Greet Chinese President Xi and Madame Xi

- by Lily Harvey  MBA PMP Mech. Eng.


Toast to the MOST influential Leaders on this planet !

Toast to the two MOST historically and globally influential countries on this planet!


A Journey from the very start - Photo collections

A Journey from 1994 to 2007:

A Journey from 1994 to Current:

A Jouney from 2007-2008: Two significant public events during the Federal Election Race

Open China Market for Canadian Wines

Days Campaign For Hon. Stockwell Day MP

1999-2000 Campaign For Hon. Stockwell Day MP
Hon. Day MP was dazzling the people with his extroordinary service as Finance Minister of AB, his grassroots approch with community people, his leadership in bring two parties together. Then it was and still is a Puzzle to many, as the leader of the Alliance, what the heck happened that suddenly Stephen Harper took place Day's leadership and became the Prime Minister...Hopefuly will see some memoir to uncover this mysterious change that ruled Canada for 10 years.


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