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Celebrate March 8th The International Women's Day!

My message to women and all earnest hearts desiring Success and Happiness:

ARISE! - Hand-in-hand with Confidence & Integrity, regardless have or not haven etiquette support! Kick Ass if you Have To!

Here I quote: Women rights is human rights and human rights is women rights. By Hilary Clinton

Question to Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Harper the Mr. MBA:
How long must women wait for liberty and equality in the House of Commons?

Everyone's business - Learn it and save a life if you spot subtle stroke attacks someone.


Stroke has a new indicator   They say if you e.mail this to ten people, you stand a chance of saving one life.    Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator,  the Tongue.

Life wisdom Tips for New Year 2012

Before we officially enter the year of dragon, I received an email which I enjoyed  and noticed there's some mighty fine advice in these words, so I copy and share here with you, incl. some my tips. Please read with attention.  Then if you do like them, then feel free and be advised to send this blog link to whom that you want to share.

Here are some life wisdom ( quite a lot we use in growing business and branding our reputations):

ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully

TAX SAVING Tips Seminars

My highly respected business associate who is an expert on Canadian Tax and USA tax, SuperSam  will be presenting EXTREME TAX SAVING Tips for those paying too much tax and not getting back enough refund. Presentation will be held at the following locations. You are welcome to tell your friends about this opportunity to learn and to save.

Dec 13 Tuesday 1pm and 6pm
Seminars Location DOWNTOWN – YWCA, Royal Bank Room, 733 Beatty St, street and lot pay parking available. Doors open 12:30pm

Canadian economy expands more than expected_something to be aware of

Following article and info are from CBC news on Nov 30th.

Threat to Demcracy_Cheat sheet or not, check out image and the Vancouver Charter 55

Congratulate Vision's big win, yet many do not understand why Vision did not trust its ability to win with honesty but allianced with Jenny Kwan, an expereinced NDP politican MLA at Vancouver Mount Pleasant did this: From Nov 17th to 19th, it's volunteer teams swept many senior social housings by introducing themselves from the government, presented the almost exact ballot sheet as from the government and commanded seniors to vote like the sample from the government. Particularly five names circled with red mark, the rest of the candidates from oth

Today's Last Minute: City Hall is CLOSED. Where to go? Look up your guide book page 8. Or click on the link and put in your Add.      Enjoy the sunshine and smile to bring more sunshine on the earth!   Yesterday's important articles in English and Mandarin: click here

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