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A video of Justin's Campaign - Inspiring and carries the light of where Canada is heading to

Dear Readers and Dear New Prime Minister, and the Team,
Inspiration is the light that will lead us triumph over the confusion, darkness, fear and pressure from time to time. Therefore, I post this two videos which carry infinete positive eneegy, faith and love to mankind to stand here, anytime, should you need to hold that light to re-charge, visit it again:
Justin Trudeau Campaign with Jean Chretien's  support - great reminder for ALL which road Canada will take in the days coming
Real Change Rally video footage - Team promise to Canadains - Incl. the Lovely and Amazing Frist Lady Spoke about her Husband. Sophie likely the youngest first lady at our current time - must see! 
More videos at LiveStream
Lily Harvey  MBA PMP Mech. Eng.

Dr. Radut | blog