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Today's news: From Lily Harvey to Voters_Contents to CKNW980 & Global Chinese Press

Good Morning, Voters!

I am Lily Harvey, an independent candidate for Vancouver School Board Trustee. I am passionate about education and its powerful role in the creations of all prosperity. 

As an Independent candidate, I offer a fresh perspective for the VSB, not burdened by party lines.  My business background and project management skills will help the VSB solve current school operational problems and social issues like bullying, at their roots!

Independent representation in the decision making process is necessary for a healthy, balanced, inclusive and accountable school board. I hope to be that independent voice for students and parents, one that connects the grass roots to the boardroom.

Tomorrow, your votes for me, Lily Harvey, at the polls will help to shape a new VSB.  Please help me to help your children and look out for their future.  (news in Mandarin)

Dr. Radut | blog