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Think one person can't make a difference? You can!!! Read on .....

Last Thursday I met Chris while campaigning on Maple street. I told him that I wanted to meet as many voters as possible in person.  He suggested I should go to Augustine Church to meet voters. I took his advice. 
Chris took his wife and three kids to that church on Sunday because of our meeting, and told me that because of his actions, over 2 dozen people voted for me; many of them originally didn't plan to vote.

I'm thrilled by the power of individual citizens, and amazed that someone I spoke with for less than 5 minutes, inspired his community to take actions!  

I have faith that I will have more supporters like Chris.  May God bless these effective people.  I am so thankful and love their great IEEE spirit and taking an action to make the change! My poem...

Right now my focus is on last-minute campaigning but I will share more amazing stories like this on my blog after the election.

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