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Testimony - Letter from Jessica Ou 2012 MBA Student

     Dear Lily

I want to let you know that I am thrilled that the Campaign experience in last Nov for your civic election had generated great impact on my education career. I used what I have learnt to apply for my MBA application to 12 universities, and I was accepted by all of them - with the impression that this volunteer experience has played significant role in these acceptances. For example, I learnt how to inspire people in a few seconds; how to identify the audiences whether they are interested; how to speak in public with confidence and clarity. Even in cold winter, I can keep on doing what I believe is worth to do.

Overall, I not only found my passion during this experience but also helped many voters found theirs. Like all the others, I was amazed that I was among 10 volunteers generating average over 2000 votes each.

Thank you!

Jessica Ou

2012 MBA Student of University of Alberta 

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