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Poem about our communication in life and in business: The mighty word from our lips

The mighty word from our lips

 - by Fire Phoenix and King Lion

    Created date: Aug 10, 2013



The Power of the word

 like fire:

It dissapates the darkness of the night

and melts the ice of the coldest winter

It brings hope n joy to life


The Power of the word 

like breath from God:

It brings the dead back to life

It transforms the desert into an oasis


The danger!

The Power of the word is mightier 

than the sword

It must be used with great care

great care, great care


Each word carry its energy in the form of vibration

When it is flying off our lips the energy is created 

And distributed to the space of our envirnment

And bunce back to the sender many more

It likes an echo from a mountain

It shouts loud back to you


So choose your words 

carefully and wisely

Speak the word that will echo and bring

the joy kindness and abundance

which maybe your great desire to receive 


Maybe this is one of the great secrets

of the creation of harmony and aboundance.

Dr. Radut | blog