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Opportunity to Contribute:for Anyone who wants to show extra support. Rewards are Significant!

Lily encourages you to-You must click on following "Read more"

* Contribute your time!

Lily needs people to knock on doors, deliver her campaign material, etc. She is an independent candidate, so she doesn't have the support team of major parties like Vision or the NPA

If you can spare some time, contact Lily:

* contribute funds by clicking on the links listed below.

-friends and families not living in Vancouver can also contribute to my campaign! 

* plan your trip to vote now. 

Regular voting takes place on November 19th; advance Voting starts Nov. 9th.  Plan your trip here: 

Why is your contribution so important?

*your contribution will help cover the cost of Lily Harvey's campaign: professional printing, web campaigns, office operations, staffing, campaign materials and travel expenses, as well as post-election clean-up.

Note: After the election, any outstanding balance from contributions will be donated to a children’s or youth-related non-profit project or organization, under the names of all the contributors including YOU. Remember, one person’s effort is limited, but together, we can accomplish so much MORE!

Rewards for contributors:

*** All generous time and funding contributors will be eligible for a one year, 50% discount on ALL services, including business marketing, project management training and coaching, from my company DoveGlobal.Net. Total value: from $500 to $5,000. This is a way that Lily Harvey will personally reward you!

*** A chance to win a 5-night FREE stay for two at a luxury condo in Phoenix, including all amenities, from Dec 2011 to Jan 28, 2012.  Total value of this package: $500+.  Here are photos of this retreat:

Contribution Opportunities:

* Your choice: Contribute any amount Thank you!   

* Your Choice: Contribute 100.00 Thank you!    

* Your choice: Contribute 500.00 Thank you!

Above is an opportunity for Great Actions & Great Rewards!!

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