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Nov19 Election Result: 20314 votes of victory, 20314 hearts believe in Lily`s IEEE.Thanks to all of my volunteers!

City of Vancouver 2011 Nov19 Election Result:

20314 votes of victory, thanks to all of my volunteers!
I ran as an independent candidate for the VSB.  
I printed 20,000 copies of my flyer, and by the end of today, my small volunteer campaign team had handed out about 9,000 of them.  
My final vote total: 20314.
If I had handed out 100,000 flyers, I wonder how many votes I would have earned?  I needed 55714.
The minimum number of votes needed to be elected to the VSB in 2011 was 55713.
My voters have shown great faith in their own individual power.  
They voted with their hearts, with integrity and responsibility, for the public's best interest.  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  To me your votes are more valuable than gold!
My thanks to my 10 tireless volunteers, who ranged from 18 to 82 years old.  And a special thank you to 82-year-old Mr. Yuan, who immigrated to Canada 10 years ago, and who walked and campaigned for me every day for over two weeks!  
Many supporters whom I met while walking on my campaign also helped spread the word about me.  Some became my volunteers.  I know all these wonderful and talented people will always be my friends! 
To the students, parents and families that I met, I have listened to your ideas and concerns, and you will be continue in my heart. 
Bless all the people that I have connected with, either in person, on the phone, or over the internet.
Continue practising IEEE. It was, is and will be always my pledge, mantra and blessing to you! 
When you practise IEEE, it will become your pledge, mantra and blessing to others!  
Light a candle in another heart, and please share my poem!

God bless you, Lily  

Dr. Radut | blog