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The New Perspective Of National and International Security The Canadian Way Is Going To Save Lives and Build UP Lives!

Dear Readers,
Today I touched by this video! A great interview that was done before the election to an immigrant candidate Lt Col Harjitt Sajjan, now the Minister of Defense of Canada. This video was reposted and forwarded by a group of leaders in our community upon this celebration of the new beginning of Canada.
This video is a Just In Time video of today's world with debate on C-51. So, ALL leaders of the nations need to watch and listen carefully of the stories being told in the interview, ALL police force and military force soilders and officers all need to watch and listen by your hearts. 
May all your hearts are receiptive and are inspired! So let the wisdom and act of walking in love (humanity) lead you, just like Lt Harjitt Sajjan, each of YOU can do a much greater job professionally in the peace keeping and peace transformation. 
I am so pleased Major Harjit Sajjan now be anointed as the Minister of Defense of Canada. Canada and Canadians and the world is going to be blessed and inspired by the wisdom he shared and his positive energy in guard peace at home and overseas!
Watch and be inspired: Conversations That Matter - Episode 40 - Lt Col Harjitt Sajjan
Lily Harvey  MBA PMP Mech. Eng.

Dr. Radut | blog