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My response to "Call to support Living Wage Policy" from BC Child & Youth Advocacy Coalition


Dear fellow community leaders,

I have looked at your websites and livingwagefor

Congratulate you both have taken action to share your concerns and ideas with other Canadians!

This is a national issue, it is an global concern. All levels of governments and all citizens have responsibility to communicate, discuss and bouncing ideas and find solutions on how to solve the problems from roots!

Here are my answers reflect my thoughts of answering your questions as a Canadian Citizen, a citizen with global vision:

1- The Canadian standard for minimum wages or wages in general, is a serious issue that is clearly hurting the hard working class. This is a national crisis that needs to be discussed within all bodies of Canadian governance. I would support the idea for the federal government to undergo a new study that would examine the working class in all areas pertaining to minimum wage and small businesses. The study should unveil the real issues, options and achievable solutions that are performed within a successful time frame. 

2- We should bring attention to the unemployment problems that is causing much hardship and stress on families. 

3- The small business EI program needs to be developed more. Most small business owners are making less money  and carrying more deficits without the benefit of EI.

4. Last but not least, citizens need to do something about a) the bonus to CEOs, especially to those mismanaged projects that at tax payer's cost - accountability must be in place with measurements, rewards need be linked with performance and outcome b) Our government raise pay regardless the economic condition, majority low pay or underpay working class and high unemployment rates. Don't we desire a government pay raise should be tied with the economic data. 

Finally, as a candidate for VSB Trustee. My pledge to you is IEEE, and a new VSB with my strength, will be willing to work with all stakeholders and all levels of government to ensure our public school produce community builders and nation builders. I will advocate VSB to support community Voice and  Efforts such as yours, together to bring prosperity to our community, Vancouver and Canada; to provide a role model for other nations.

Best regards,  

Lily Harvey

Dr. Radut | blog