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My Experience on 10.10.2014 to run for election - Thanks and Blessings to my public fellow citizens!

10.10.2014 is a special day. Windy and raining. The sky was dark and people on the street walking in hurry.  This date at 5pm is the nomination paper submit for City of Vancouver civic election cut off time.

After my morning monitoring the market,  1:30pm I visited my bank to get a check made to City of Vancouver for this election, then heading into the rain and went to meet with my attorney to get nomination qualification paper examined.  
From 3pm to 5 pm, I took all examined legal paper walked to the areas where I did campaign in 2011. the difference was in 2011, my nomination paper was signed by most of my friends, this time I would like to see if public who remember me would nominate me as an independent runner.  

The experience was warm hearted! I received warm welcome from all those remembered me.  In short 2 hours, I received 15 nominations and many wanted to nominating me could not do so because their residency is not in the City of Vancouver.  Then since the requirement needs 30 nominations be submit to election office before 5pm. So I was not able to further proceed.

So, Thank You! My public supporters who nominated me and love my IEEE Pledge (Inspire, Encourage, Empower and Enable) not only to the young but also to all adults learners.  Although this time I am not able to further run this election for you my dear public fellow citizens, but trust among all runners there will be the real ones that will do a good job. Trust all is for good - My passion and care for better our education will be always active. My expertise as a PMP trainer and market trading strategist in private sector will be more ready for the call to serve public 's interest next time.

As a final note of this update report, I encourage you, my fellow citizens, no matter where you are and who you are, please uncover your power and privilege as a citizen on this earth, how you too, as a voter, to help shaping our future of prosperity and blessings through how you vote and how you hold the local government and higher level of governments accountable. This video clip from http://www.KCMCanada.Org is great to watch and meditate on it - its title: The Healing of Our Land

Here is the poem I wrote in 2011 and it will be always like the candle brings light and warmth to our hearts:

God Bless! God Bless Vancouver and Canada!

Lily Harvey

Dr. Radut | blog