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From Movie“Unthinkable”to analyze today's Global Security issues

Have you watched movie “Unthinkable”? It is a good movie to make human minds stop and think:
What are the seeds of the roots of global unrest and conflicts; what human race can do to prevent this kind of cancer cell in the global system; what actions the leaders should take at time of crises.

In my observing, all miseries came from the lack of the knowledge of the law of universe and lack of courage or trust to communicate openly. Lack of communication is the most effective way to isolate and destroy healthy flow of understanding and cooperation. The flow is the blood stream of any system or any organ or any relationship depends on to survive.

Think of what Russian did last year and recent incident; I think the leader of the Russian’s mindset is still stuck with the old time rather to learn from the mistakes of the history. They do not understand, like some other fighting nations, even some human minds led terrorism, they haven’t been awakened to acknowledge the law of universe and do not know that the aspiration of re-shape the landscape of any kind is OK and good, but it should provide positive global impact, rather negative consequences. This aspiration can be achieved effectively through corporation and open communication with products and services that service people and nourish the earth rather harm it. Because each of us is a part of the universe and the earth.

But Russian is not alone; this illusion has deceived many human minds on earth, more or less. For those aware of what is being said can see for their own eyes and intuition at daily activities. Any of the fighting nation could uplift themselves to a safe ground should they notice there is a true place where the true strength stands.

So, what case that I am making here? I strongly feel, to protect Global Security and nation’s Sovereignty, strong and most advanced troops are good for dealing with crises at door like the fire fighters. However, to transform the roots of unrest to calm and understanding the law of universe with sense of real purpose of life, will accomplish the mission with more certainty and much less cost economically and emotionally.

Then what are the keys to make this fairy tale become reality? I think all keys are from one key. It is to inspire human minds to notice their oneness and the great power that they forgot to unleash, that is to find their each own true life purpose on earth this life time with great value, to be in term with the law of universe, to be a team player – some time to lead, some time to be led. Take a term, take some rest. Then the landscape will be unfolded and shaped in a great rhythm of elegance and grace. Our global will travel into the age of heaven on earth with Peace, Harmony and Abundance for everyone.

Dr. Radut | blog