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Mar 11 2010_The Millionaire Mind Evening Was Well Spent

The Millionaire Mind Evening Was Well Spent - Some Gold nuggets Free to share

Your Formula of thinking - it is called money blue print at this seminar.
T - F - A => R
"Thinking" leads to
"Feeling" leads to
"Action" leads to

The concept of the cause of reality and the cause of future are same: cause leads to a result = the health of the roots will result the health of the plant. True? So True!

Result = fruit(s) sweet? rich? bitter ...

You can't change the result IF you do not change the three variables of T, F and A. Wow, I wonder if this scientific formula was originated from Edison or Einstein?

So, what are the tips to activate our Millionaire Mind?
1. Positive thinking - incl. associate with positive people, admire them, learning from them and modeling them.

2. Feelings, be aware of them and have a control over it. How? Over ride fear. Do right thing regardless fear - Do it anyway.

3. Action. Action as if the bridge - to bring your thoughts and feelings together to reach a result.

Result could be vary based on what level of mind you pre-set: 1 Million a year? 3 Million? 10 Million?
Choice or decision is yours.

Be aware of the Killers of your Millionaire Mind:

1. Complains
2. Blames on life, parents, others...
3. Justify why you are a victim
4. Focus on being a victim by accepting negative remarks or comments or unfair judgement.

Finally, my one word conclusion is:
Everyone has a Millionaire mind can be activated or reset and grow bigger - simply believe in Yourself!

Find more about advanced Millionaire Mind Training, visit:
or google: T. Harv Eker (Founder)
or: Kieron Sweeney (Speaker)

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