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Let “Practice makes perfect” to Empower You, Not to Defeat You!

Review some of my personal development seminar notes, I was re-enlightened by what Mr. Harv Eker’s view of one of his Power Principle: Practice whatever you want to be in the future NOW.

The notion is to use “Practice makes perfect” in a way to empower your life and career – become healthy, wealthy and able to create abundance; And DO NOT let negative subconscious to make you practice on unhealthy habits that will drag you into undesired reality – depressed, broken health and broken relationship, worse to harm others, on and on.

How to do that?

Simply, if you want a life of inner peace, practice being peaceful now. If you want total confidence, practice being confident now. If you want to be successful, practice being successful now. On and on…

Eventually these traits become your habits, your natural way of being. You won’t have to think about them, you will be them.

If you wait until everything is going great before you practice happiness, you may wait for a long time. Not because things never be great, but because you’ve become a MASTER at being unhappy. Unhappiness will be your habit!

People are creatures of HABIT. On a daily basis, if you practice pessimism and struggle, you become very good at it. You become unconsciously competent. Pessimism and struggle become almost automatic to a point where even when you want to change, happiness becomes almost impossible.

Therefore, it is critical: no matter what other objectives you are attempting to achieve, YOU Remember to practice happiness RIGHT NOW, in this very moment!

May you, my reader, join me, with clear awareness, practice and perfect our ability to achieve our ultimate goals in this life time.

Dr. Radut | blog