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Job Interview Hints and Tips

Recently, I was asked about the Interview Hints and Tips. I did research on those high performance corporations. Following are the findings that indeed helpful, not just limit to those job seekers but to anyone who wish to establish a great reputation in today's business world. The tips are:

Interview Hints and Tips

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, So here are some tips to help you present yourself in the best way you can.

At an information session or networking event -

·Be punctual.Don’t slip in at the back of the room when a presenter is in the middle of a presentation
·Asking pertinent questions. Think about whom you are talking to at a networking event. Ask business managers business related questions. Save detailed recruiting questions for the recruiters. For example, make sure you’re not asking a Head of Strategy questions about car allowance. It’s an extreme example but no-one will be flattered or impressed if you’re asking them questions that have nothing to do with their role. The same applies if you ask a question during or after an information session. And try to prepare beforehand. You’ll make a good impression by asking pertinent questions

For interviews -

·Be punctual or arrive early. In case of emergency, contact the recruitment team as soon as possible to reschedule/cancel the interview. A no-show will be considered rude and would compromise your application
·Learn more about the company through their website. As an applicant, you should aware the company current position in the market in which you’re interested
·Be prepared to explain your interest in the role and location to which you’re applying. Recruiters need to see enthusiasm and passion
·Listen carefully and take time to understand the questions. Ask questions of your own and write down notes if you would like
·Ensure you have a good general knowledge on what’s happening in the world if you apply for a job in business or finance. (The Economist is a good place to start), as you may be asked for your opinion on current affairs
·Make sure you have a pen and pad for notes and working out
·Dress appropriately in business attire
·Always bring extra copies of your CV or résumé – even if you're sure the interviewer has one

Finally,don’t forget the basics

·When you meet or are introduced to anyone you should shake hands firmly, look him or her in the eye, and don’t forget to smile
·Slouching or sitting with your arms folded will give a negative impression and suggest that you’re uninterested in the conversation. It’s far better to appear enthusiastic and listen attentively throughout the interview, leaning forward and maintaining eye contact. Don't fidget
·Answers should be kept succinct to avoid any waffle. Conversely, don't just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – try to qualify your answers with examples that best illustrate your strengths, skills and achievements
·Don't feel you have to give an immediate answer to a complicated hypothetical question. It’s perfectly acceptable to pause and gather your thoughts before answering
·At the end of the interview, make sure you thank the interviewer and ask what the next steps are

Dr. Radut | blog