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Inspiration_Books that will fire you up


I just sent off an email to share some of my finding of the facts and wisdom that had most enlightened & uplifted me recently. Then, I think I better to copy some to here so that more people who are looking and seeking for life purpose can use some of the lights that I have found. Here they are:

The Runway of Life - by Dr. Peter Legge.  (You may google it or get from Many moments of inspirational stories of real legends who live in Vancouver in our community. I am proud that coincidentally, I was Dr. Peter Legge's alumna. I did not know I could be so fired by someone until I read his book. Now some of my friends started to read this book and also got fired up:)

 The Purpose Driven LifeBy Rick Warren - Great book! Click on it, you may get a glimpse of light...lead to the source of strength, peace and joy.

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