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Form A Team of Speech-Acting-Rehearsal In Action!

To be able to communicate clearly and reach a successful result, what to say and how to say it can make or break the deal, make you popular or unpopular, a strong icon or A victim of someone's conscious or unconscious arrogance.

What to say reflects your inner color - positive? Knowledgeable? Mature? Kind? All came from your inner roots. To hang out with successful and positive people or group, get inspired itself can help your inner roots start to grow faster.

Have a beautiful heart but short of power to grab the attention from the people you need to communicate can be very frustrating and painful.

Good new is: Speech and Acting Talents Can be perfected! How? Rehearsal, improve; Rehearsal, improve more; Rehearsal, improve even more; …. Until you get it. Still you need continue ride on it. If not use it may rusty after a while.

To achieve fastest result is to do it by teaming up and in front of a group that can help you improve. Overall it is fun and painless. More important we will get used to laugh at ourselves, and will improve skills of giving constructive criticism and better taking in criticisms for positive use. And then, helplessly get better and better in public speech. When an event like Oscar ceremony or presidential speech, the ones dare to dream and dare to rehearsal will speak elegantly and will bring the world be silent to listen and watch with eager ears and open hearts.

Great wall was started from first brick. Thousand Journey has to start from first step. Here we are, I invite you to join this group and be directors for each other - have fun and make fairy tales your realities!

Dr. Radut | blog