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Evil for Evil NOT

 My thoughts and healing prayers tonight:

In our deep hearts, in moan of the lives lost in such heartless meaningless killing, in my view, I trust ALL Canadian Christians and all believers of Oneness would agree with me, in any situation, to keep calm and faithful to the principle of Love and Peace to Humanity, we the Canadians must NOT do evil for evil, so are all people around the world.


Let's ALL pray for strength, clarity,courage and right language from the Creator the Life Giver to all leaders of all nations, work together to crash this very vicious and tricky war bait. 


From nation to nation, people to people, we are brothers and sisters, we should not only take pride to protect the vulnerable and helpless, but more also to build them up to arise up from powerless to powerful and helpers to their own nation and contributors to the world. 


Let's pray for people in that region for Strength, Courage, Love, Wisdom and Communication that will vaporate the evil mind control and Stand up to its authority and responsibility to freedom and security; to its  rights to prosperity and abundance through Love and Peace at home and internationally.


In Jesus' name, Amen! (new found because this prayer)


Lily Harvey

MBA PMP Mech Eng.



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