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Election - My Pledge - The Poem of The Power of Individual Citizens!

I AM Ready For The Civic Election for VSB Trustee

My Pledge: Inspire! Encourage! Empower! Enable!

Want to know about my mandate for our education system? Want to email my mandate link to your friends? Visit:

My short Poems -


星星之火 可以燎原,  一烛燃一烛, 烛烛生光 明, 智慧之火 可达 亿 万 人心 。一票 接一票, 票票显威力。协助能人上,众人 齐努力,愚公 能移山。

我的 竞选纲领 主题:

治国要治本, 教育是根本。

The Power of Individual Citizens!

One candle lights another or more, the darkness flees.

Each candle copies the same simple kind act,

Soon,  wisdom spreads and eyes open to see the truth.

Together, let's inspire, encourage, empower and enable!

The world  will be transformed to a world with abundance and joy.

Dr. Radut | blog