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Eight Public Speaking Tips - Are you ready to take action? Join an English Public Speaking Club!


I attended an evening seminar on Mar 3rd, 2010. Guest speaker is Jesai Jayhmes who is a master voice coach. To share with my viewers who are busy professionals, the 8 tips for public speaking are as following:

1. Love your subject. 

2. Be excited to share it. 

3. Rehearse just like any actor/actress 

4. Make it about the audiences, respect other's time and yours 

5. Train your voice into a voice that is relaxed, confident, powerful and resonant that is comfort to the listeners 

6. Train your body. A self aware body carries itself with ease and competent to direct audiences. A tremble or shaking body scares... 

7. Decide that you are a performer! Why not? 8. Give the best of yourself. Make it memorable since it is a privilege of speaking in front of a group. 

Are you ready? I am ready! Contact me for joining an English Public Speaking Club! 


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