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Could it be possible by having good time and growing wealth same time?

So many times, I ask myself this question again and again, could it be possible??

One side of my mind says, if this were possible, how come you working so hard but still do not have much time for your loved ones and friends?

Another side of my mind says, WHY NOT? ALL IS POSSIBLE - there is a famous Chinese proverb, where there is a will there is a way:)

Er, nice! I feel much released. I see a small light in this rats racing tunnel - being "smart" or "wise", I guess all I need to do is to find THE Right Way!

Then challenges again: Which way to go first? Hmmm, I have so many talents and skills - not humble but that is true.

Well, at least I see the light of "Can Be Done". I just have to keep this light and move closer to the light and find the way that fit me.

You will find yours that fit you, I have no doubt!

Dr. Radut | blog