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CNBC_ Comments on public demand  leaders to  "Run Government as a Business"

What do we hear from this? I hear that current world is suffering from the facto that many decisions were made by leaders were not field experts nor have the time to get right experts assistance because all things happen too quick, too much pressure, too much uncertainty, too weak of team efforts,  and too little wisdom.

Countries are not alone,  all governments and organizations facing same challenge.  How could we expect lawyers or teachers or thinkers to run business, projects and monitory policy alone. Yet each of them has great strength in their own field. A balanced team is the solution to this root of problems.

When people demand leaders to run governments as businesses, I think people the voters need to remember this will Not happen  UNLESS you the voters VOTE IN someone has what takes to perform as your wish. In most case, the someone represent grassroots people in government should have the knowledge, wisdom and skills in business and project management, has the ability to articulate what an elephant look like rather describe a part or parts of what an elephant look like, and over all the ability to lead a team of field experts leaders to hold the government accountable for every program that burns tax dollars. 

I believe that all realities are fruits of decisions, all decisions caused by individuals perseptions, every perseption like our sunglasses reflect the degree of our knowledge, wisdom and convictions. Therefore, in my enlightment, I consider education is the fundation of all our future hopes and prosperities!

For this very reason, I am running for Vancouver School Board. hope to join the force of experts in other fields, to re-engineer our VSB to better serve our fast populated City of Vancouver. Drop me a note at twitter or Call me or email me if you have any concerns or ideas that can strengthen our VSB. Voting date is on Nov. 19th Sat. 2011. 

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