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CNBC_COMMENTS ON BOOK "Think Your Boss Is a Psychopath.."


LILYHARVEY_FOR_EDUCATION | Oct 11, 2011 04:36 PM  ET   - here is revised version.

WOW! Think Your Boss Is a Psychopath? That May Be True. HMMMMM... NOT ALL SNAKES ARE BAD, I think we are talking about the BAD ones.

Well, following is the light to my view:
Snake in human - ill or unkind feeling towards others, un·con·scious self-hatred or ANGER, greedy, jealousy, disadvantage others, selfish or being irresponsible, foolish, laziness, unwilling to be open minded to learn good knowledge....oh, sound like death so depressing!

snake in animal - vicious, fighting, make fun of others, selfishness...oh, sound like death so depressing!

Wait! Not too despair, read on - 
Do you have any of that once in a while?
If yes, then be watchful to your snakes inside - calm it, heal it with wisdom, transform it to a good snake call wisdom. 

So, what is wisdom? I share my understanding with you: Wisdom is the ability to see through the clouds the darkness the noises that would cause you fearful feelings, the ability that never doubt that the goodness will triumph at the end, the confidence in self and others, the love and care and compassion... In my view simply put, wisdom is the source of Life and Prosperity. 

Many times, I saw good snakes(wisdom) from cnbc as well as Bad and Mad snakes talking to cast fear and dis-believes of all kinds to investors.

For example of feelings of today's earning report stock -
AA - bad snakes say sell
AA - good snakes say, great opp to buy - how could this world production grow without Al.?
China will adjust its speed to grow best sustainable prosperity. Slow down a lot? only Fools will believe this lie.

Lily Harvey

Dr. Radut | blog