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CNBC and Yahoo Finance Comments on " Obama Invites Lawmakers to White House for 'Cliff' Talks"

CNBC  news on Yahoo! Finance

Cynical words and minds embedded plan no matter how well crafted, it will fail upon its hidden intention; Open, trust and gratitude words and minds embedded plan will triumph. Outcome in reality is a collective reflection of all energy and vibration of all human intention and purpose. Therefore, simply counting our blessings from the good and bad with trust of our purpose and ability of creating our desired reality, to give birth to greater blessings receiving NOW and much more yet to come.

So, what are your blessings? have you utilized it to elevate a better you and a better your business or career? If you have been, then share your blessings the stories to awaken others to recognize their blessings to receive them. If not yet, then you know you have so much blessings waiting for you to take ACTIONS to RECEIVE.

Lily Harvey

President of

Business Coach at

Dr. Radut | blog