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Bloomberg.com_comments: Example of desirable Leadership in today's world with Quality of Calm, Constructiveness..

Topic: Federal Reserve Chairmen Bernanke is an example of desirable Leadership in today's world with Quality of Calm, Constructiveness, Public interest oriented, Confidence with knowledge and Skills to Lead
The spoken and unspoken messages I perceived from Mr. Bernanke's speech today are:
1. Fed. Reserve is capable in all perspective - monetary policies, willingness to do whatever takes to help the economy, open minded to all suggestions but public's interest will be always paramount consideration.
2. He says, the European crisis "Ultimately up to European leaders to find out solutions.." Isn't it same applying to challenges of job and growth in any industry, community, nation? Policy alone is not magic wonder, people, the citizens must take responsibilities to obtain financial literacy, fundamentals, confidence and willingness to produce jobs and growth, rather sit at butt waiting and creating fear and disable people's proper thinking process. Prosperity is a tree to grow requires sun and water and work.
3. The unspoken message is that the American people should more focus on what have achieved at home, not be sucked into negative fear shocking mentality by other countries such as European crisis.
4. People around globe should focus on improve financial literacy and fundamentals of economy growth, choose leaders with these competencies, so that leaders in decision making can be more capable, better judgement, make better plans and choices, overall effective sustainable solutions to end chaos. The leaders lack of what takes to lead and to lack of courage to assume responsibilities should be let go, the leaders who are misleading public's energy towards inability to make positive change must let go!
5. The not mentioned part that I consider extremely important, I believe Mr. Bernanke and all the viewers will agree with me, is the low morals across the nations and globally. This has to do with our basic education from all ages and all levels of citizens. I believe if our spirit is in the right place, the right actions will follow. Here I am sharing my mantra, my pledge in my Campaign of running for Vancouver School Board Trustee: I.E.E.E. - Inspire Encourage Empower Enable
By Lily Harvey MBA PMP
President of DoveGlobal.Net

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