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Is any destructive strike a riot? Is it ethical? is it legal? Thoughts on today's CBC News

First of all, a strike well organized with peaceful manner and good intention without any inconvenience of others in the community is NOT a destructive strike. 
A strike causing the paralyze of partial or serious interruption of community life and lives of many families has violent impact like a riot. Following are some thoughts reflect on this morning CBC New on Dock workers on strike.

Any employment and pay related issue should exam and be solved with fairness and justice not only for the sake of the parties involved in but also for the sake of the entire society and global peace and harmony, should go through right channel and right procedures.

Any form of collective strike that is causing marekts tumble or significant threat to economy is irresponsible destructive interruption to our economy and the harmony of society's day to day function and people's daily lives. The impact consequence is no difference with a riot could do. This should be sanctioned illegal.

Any issue that needs be addressed should be encouraged to communicate with facts, voice with clarity and media discussion. Any mad manner leadership in causing massive disruption of the society should be disciplined like any other crimes.

Our humanity, liberty and rights to freedom should not be abused and disguised being manipulated to harm humanity, harmony and peace.

There is a saying, making a bed for others, you will sleep on it as well. Therefore, be surely take TLC with highest integrity when you take actions that will have an impact upon others' lives.

Here is an example about one strike in City of Vancouver a few years ago:
One hot summer in the most beautiful City of Vancouver, the garbage pickup workers on strike for over 1 month, and many streets full of garbage's and people simply did not know what to do with their daily garbage.

The tax payers paying to these officials and the union leaders to negotiate. On and on for many weeks, no compromise no solutions.

As result, everyone incl. those led the strikes and those follow the wrong leader stood in strike workers and their families, neighbours all facing the risk of the health hazard and disgusting smells.

As a result, the considered very wise man mayor, because of his lacking of the taking a leadership or in charge to end this unfair strike to the community, he lost his votes and some of his credibility. He is no longer popular as he was. He also learnt a great lessen.
Then what is the solution to those dissatisfied with a JOB?
They should seeking counselling  at HR level, then the escalate level would be filing complain and have the divisions or Ombudsman bureau to look into and work out a solution. The job of serving the community and the economy should never ever be interrupted!

If the dissatisfaction simply a personal or small group higher expectation beyond the current economy can offer, then these people should look for other JOB that might fit for their expectations.

If the issues were pay related or safety related, then in Canada would be BC work safe is where should the issues be investigated and be solved with justice. In USA, there should be a division dedicated to this important function. 

To manipulate our respect to our humanity, rights to freedom to meet small group or personal needs while massive honest people are busting their butt as entrepreneurs, volunteers and people unemployed, is simply not ethical not legal in my regard.

Any elected governments should come together to represent their citizens to sanction any strikes that are destructive are illegal!  

My word to those people even blink on strike idea should think twice: do you want to pull mess over the cliff , you will be in it. Or you can focus on how can contribute how to save and help our economy, your neighbour, your friend who may be more qualify to your job but you have this job. So, be thankful and show some gratitude. Focus on positive communication and positive action to cause positive change that is beneficial for our economy. Be a hero of not only for a small interest group but for a bigger world that your life is depend on it.

Dr. Radut | blog