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Amazing Result! He says_An email from one of the 20314 voters.

Vancouver Sun Vision Ground Route City Hall

I read this article and was so impressed by you and your tiny team of volunteers, and what you did in the 2011 civic election. I think you should take the high road and focus on your AMAZING accomplishment.
 * Vision had 1600 volunteers.  basically each volunteer netted Vision 35 votes.  (1600 x 35 = approx. 56,000  votes)
* You had TEN volunteers, so each of your volunteers netted you over TWO THOUSAND votes!!!!  (10 x 2000 = approx. 20,000 votes) that is incredible (especially when you consider that one of your volunteers is 82 years old).
* Vision and NPA each spent well over $1-2 MILLION on their campaign.
* you spent a few thousand (i'm guessing here) and yet you had the 2nd highest total votes for an independent candidate.
AMAZING!!!  spread the word, and be proud. smiley  
















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