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Hello and Blessings to Clients and Clients to be of Dove Global! The world abundance of knowledge, wisdom, success are accessable through Dove Global! All is in your power of reach out: Seek and you will find... May you find many useful info from Dove Global website.
About Lily Harvey -Founder of Dove Global & many projects over the years
Lily has more than 26 years professional experience, first in mechanical engineering, then in business development, management, and business coaching in business. Since 2005, her service enriched with mentoring and coaching project management skills in today's eGlobal markets. Lily is an energetic professional who is results oriented, creative, adaptable and people-oriented.
Through her career in China, Lily excelled as a licensed Mechanical Engineer for a leading manufacturer of pressure valves serving the worldwide oil exploration industry with more than 2000 employees. With her design background coupled with her translation and negotiation skills, Lily demonstrated flexibility as a team player on significant export transactions.
During her 20 years in Canada, Lily has quickly adapted to the business and professional culture and brought her zest into her work as a business consultant/CEO and in her community as a board director. She was the first person to introduce and market BC VQA wine products to China. She revitalized an airport restaurant service in Penticton during a period of reduced flight schedules and labour unrest; She served as a board director for the Penticton Multicultural Society, Crime Stoppers, with the False Creek Community Centre, and as a volunteer with S.U.C.C.E.S.S here in Vancouver.
Lily earned an MBA at Royal Roads University in 2002, followed by Project Management Professional (PMP®) designation in 2005. She established her own consulting firm to provide strategic business and entrepreneurial consulting to clients in Canada, USA and China. Lily is skilled at assembling teams to assist clients with their marketing, export development and e-commerce needs across a range of industries including food and beverage, education, medical/dental, boat manufacturing, steel production, and biotechnical.
Lily provides her clients and colleagues quality and professionalism in service of their best interests. Lily has a sound understanding of cultural sensitivity, organizational behavior and development, life-long learning and performance excellence, multiculturalism and harmony, further equipped with most updated advanced investment knowledge and skills.
These qualities and skills were driven by her zest to life and business - success in everything in life. As the President & Vice Chancellor Dr. Ron Bordessa has put this way: “Lily will be a great asset to whoever is fortunate enough to engage her services.”

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