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2012 New Year Inspiration and Questions to Think About


In the new beginning of 2012, are we Canadians envisioning our road ahead and crops to harvest at the end? During the holiday seasons, through the great spirit of thanksgiving, Christmas and New year, I have noticed a few profound messages came across to my attention. I will share with my viewers one by one. The following video clip, I hope all leaders and all citizens with a foundation of good value system could learn and sip the inspiration from Former Governor of Minnesota Arne Carlson, his speaks at Recognition Professionals International Conference 2010.  Then and ask yourself questions:

1. How should we re-identify today's world true value system?

2. How should we look for and select the honest people to the leadership, NOT Wall Street "Goldman" types.

3. Since any business is a business of selling in integrity, then why current big corporation CEOs are making average over 8 Million while hard working small firm CEOs average making 40K and above. How is this huge imbalance be balanced with some integrity?

4. A country will NOT Thrive if we still have a great amount of Good People suffering and their talents and good work not recognized. What can you do about it?

Dr. Radut | blog