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12 tips that will enhance your public speaking

12 tips that will enhance your public speaking:

1. Strong posture.
2. Good eye contact.
3. Paced breathing.
4. Ice breakers.
5. Speaking from the heart.
6. Enrolling and engaging your audience.
7. Effective Q&A.
9. Controlling the energy of the room.
10. Time management.
11. Visiting each and every audience member.
12. Avoid WIMP words* at all time

What are WIMP words?
Such as:
I Hope...( Rather, try to use: I know...)
If... (Rather, try to use: When...)
Problem (Rather, try to use: challenge)
Why (Rather, try to use: how )

Language from you represents you. Therefore remember above tips, to choose the right words and deliver with appropriate body language.

Dr. Radut | blog